Date: 22/5/2018
Time: 12:30:01 GMT
Terms and conditions for Internet Banking – Safwa Islamic Bank

- The Bank: Safwa Islamic Bank
- User: Legally resident or non-resident individual or group account holder
- Business Day: The day when the bank is open for business
- Service: Banking services through Internet Banking

1. The below terms and conditions shall apply to the service, and the user acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions. The bank shall provide its service through the Internet and shall take all necessary security measures but shall not be liable for any errors resulting from the accessible nature of the worldwide web. As such, the user is responsible for any potential risks that may occur as a result of using the service.
2. The user is entirely responsible for the maintenance of his/her computer, its operation costs, and costs of communications.
3. The user is entirely responsible for any faults in the device(s) and/or software(s) he/she uses to access the service as well as the device(s) and software(s) which may compromise the security and/or efficiency of the service. The user is also responsible for any viruses and/or malware that may compromise the service or the user’s access information.
4. The user may request the cancellation of the service through the bank’s call center. The bank has the right to suspend the service at any time for the period it sees fit without prior notice and without giving justification. In the case of complete suspension of the service, the user will be notified.
5. The bank shall not be liable for any damages resulting from irregularities in the service including inaccessibility, failures, or disconnection.
6. The bank shall not be liable for any error, negligence, or deletion made by the user and the bank shall not be liable for any failure on the part of user to take precautions or his/her misinterpretation while using the service.
7. The bank retains the right to use the user’s information for the purpose of providing the user with information about new services. The bank also has the right to divulge information about the user to authorized law enforcement agencies within the provisions of the law and as needed.
8. The user shall be fully responsible for all the transactions he/she conducts on his/her account through the service (such as transfers, payment of utility bills) and the user may not revoke any transactions, financial or otherwise, conducted using his/her username and password.
9. The user shall be solely and entirely responsible for the information and data he/she enters when using the service.
10. The bank declares that it shall never ask the user to send his/her private information pertaining to the service including the username and password through e-mail nor will the bank ever send an electronic message asking the user to log into or activate the service. The user should exercise caution and never send the username and password through e-mail and should notify the bank immediately should he/she receive any request to send such information.
11. The user shall be entirely responsible for protecting his/her service username and password. Should the user suspect that his/her username and password have been compromised, he/she should notify the bank immediately in writing. The user shall be entirely liable for any damages occurring as a result of: (1) sharing his/her username and password with any individual, group, or entity (2) publicly sharing his/her service username and password.
12. The user first subscribes to the service through electronic registration on the bank’s website wherein the system will send a message to the user’s number registered at the bank containing a temporary pin number for the purpose of completing the registration process and getting the pin number needed to access the service as well as the pin number for financial transactions.
13. The bank is entitled to decline any monetary transfers or requests for transfers if: (1) there are insufficient funds in the account at the time of requesting the transfer (2) the amount of the transfer exceeds the limit set by the bank (3) the currency of the transfer is not predefined in the service (4) the beneficiary is not approved by the bank (5) the transfer is in conflict with legislative/regulatory provisions.
14. The transfer is executed in the same day if it is between accounts of the same user or between accounts at the bank. Transfers to accounts in other banks are treated as requests made to the bank and are subject to the bank’s approval; the user may not interpret the confirmation of the request as a confirmation of the actual execution of the transfer.
15. The bank may at any time adjust the limits of transfer amounts without the prior agreement of the user, noting that the current limits are: (JOD 2000 or equivalent in other currencies for transfers within the accounts of the bank with a maximum of 5 transactions a day / JOD 10000 or equivalent in other currencies for transfers between the accounts of the same user).
16. The user may not cancel any financial transaction he/she conducted using the service
17. The service enables the user to request a cheque book subject to the bank’s approval wherein the user will be notified of the status of his/her request.
18. The service enables the user to inquire about his/her accounts and the balance in these accounts, the currency exchange rates and other information. The information provided is considered correct at the time and date during which it was provided. However, some information like currency exchange rates are considered to be indicative. The user understands that the information provided does not constitute a commitment by the bank to buy or sell.
19. Should the user suspect any transaction while using the service he/she should inform the bank in writing in a period of no later than 15 days from the date of the transaction, and otherwise the transaction shall be deemed correct.
20. The secure e-mail in the service is deemed an acceptable means of communication between the bank and the user and the user may send secure messages to the bank using only this method. The bank assumes that any message sent to the user via this method was received along with all the information in it by the user alone.
21. The user acknowledges that the records and data of the bank are accurate and the user may not after registering and using the service object or challenge the accuracy of the bank’s data relating to the service.
22. The service system includes self-protection procedures that freeze the user’s account in the case of several failed attempts to access the account. In such case the user should go through the bank’s website to obtain the pin number for the service and the pin number for the financial transactions and the same applies if the user forgets the password.
23. The bank may, without prior notice, adjust the services offered through the service and the bank may also amend, without prior notice or giving justifications, the technology used in the service.
24. The interpretation of these terms and conditions is subject to the prevailing laws of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the courts of Amman city shall have jurisdiction over any resulting litigation provided that does not contradict the Islamic Sharia’ Laws.
25. Corporate account holders / Joint accounts’ holders / entities / establishments undertake, jointly or separately, undertake to pay any dues committed to the bank from either the assets of their establishments and/or from their personal funds.
26. In the case of any amendment to the authorized responsibilities of the company/establishment signatory the remaining partners and their heirs undertake to be responsible for all transactions with the bank and commit to reimburse the bank for any debts or financial commitments of the company / establishment and acknowledge the bank’s right to block all their accounts in order to collect its dues or as a result of legal verdict.
27. The partners shall inform the bank of any amendments to the company’s incorporation contract and the bank is otherwise not liable.
28. We agree to all the terms and conditions above without prejudice to the bank’s right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and we undertake to consider such amendments valid upon being electronically notified of it and the bank’s claim of sending such notification is binding to us.